Disciplined Investment Management
Quality / Performance / Cost / Style

What Investments are Really "Best" for Your Employees?

For us, "Good enough" is not good enough. We are always asking, "Can it be better?"

Your organization may not have the skill and experience necessary to improve your retirement plan as required today. Defendable investment selection and monitoring challenges the status quo and provides both Qualitative and Quantitative value. Evaluating services and investments beyond those recommended by your current providers is imperative. When improved properly, your plan can look better than much larger competitors, which creates value and employee appreciation for your organization.

How Prudent ProcessĀ® Investment Management Makes Oversight Easier

We look beyond your limited record keeper platform.

Investment choices are dictated by record keeper agreements. Proprietary investment limitations create more liability for you. Your plan should be able to select from a wide universe of funds from many investment companies with lowest cost share classes available. This is the standard for even the smallest retirement plans today.

Qualitative and Quantitative Factors.

Our proactive, disciplined investment selection approach helps keep your plan strong today and in the future. We evaluate multiple investment scoring systems and Clarity Plan Performance Reports to give you the documented assurance that your plan is running strong.

We continually search for investment improvement opportunities based on investment quality or cost changes.

We don't rest on past success. Our standard is to take your plan out to bid via Request for Proposal every three to five years. This ensures we have the most appropriate pricing and latest services and investment agreements.

We simplify complex Investment selection and monitoring so that prudent plan improvement decisions are clear.

It's Time To Improve Your Retirement Plan