Employees Expect Strong 401(k) Investments and Services with Low Cost.

We Help Make It Happen So You Stand Out.

Our Prudent Process® improves the Plan Cost and Investment Quality of 401(k) and 403(b) Retirement Plans for a low flat fee. This makes your company stronger by helping to attract and retain key talent. We do the work, you get the credit.

How can a better quality retirement plan cost less?

Plan service pricing and number of options of investments and services has drastically improved over the past few years. Overpriced plans are a legal or regulatory target and can jeopardize your employees retirement lifestyle. Our plan clients have enjoyed significant cost reduction and quality improvement which we continually monitor. As an experienced, accountable fiduciary, we do the analysis and negotiation to help improve your plan which can allow your employees thrive while managing risks to your organization.

How to Get Better Quality and Lower Cost

Your Employees are likely being misled which puts your company at risk

The investments and service delivery for your plan can create conflicts of interest. Is your record keeper or broker pushing funds and services that benefit them and not your employees? These conflicts can impact the future prosperity for your employees and create risk to your company. Prudent Process® can take over much of the plan oversight, management and communication for your retirement plan with accountability for any record keeper.

How to Lead Your Employees Well

We Help You Take Action on Plan Improvement

We know your time is valuable. Prudent Process® simplifies the complex responsibilities of ongoing retirement plan improvement from a best interest perspective. Your improved plan can look better than much larger competitors. You can focus on the business of your business while we focus on plan improvement.

Make My 401(k) Plan Better

We simplify complex investment selection & monitoring to make plan improvement decisions clear

We take over the responsibility of selecting the investments for you. We evaluate the universe of investments to find low cost funds with strong consistent performance. This can create a much better plan to help your employees thrive while managing risks to your organization.

How Prudent Process® Makes Your Company's Retirement Plan Stand Out

Step 1: We Evaluate and Recommend Service Providers

Through our efficient Request for Proposal process, we seek out service providers who have experience working with your unique employee mix. We find the right combination of high level service and low cost. We negotiate the most favorable terms to benefit your employees and institution.

Prudent Process® Provider Selection

Step 2: We Improve the Investments

As 3(38) Investment Manager, we take responsibility for selecting high quality investments with lowest cost share classes. We then continue to monitor performance and quality metrics against the universe of options to keep your plan strong.

Prudent Process® Investment Improvement

Step 3: We Improve the Communication

We help your employees appreciate your retirement plan quality. We evaluate what communication is important for your unique employee base. Effective communication helps them know how to take their next best step forward and helps avoid costly missteps.

Prudent Process® Communication Improvement

Step 4: We Continue to Improve

We do not sit still on past success. We constantly evaluate how to make your plan better as cost, investment and service improvements are available.

Prudent Process® Ongoing Improvement

Employees can build a stronger future with your company

Our Prudent Process® can result in appreciative employees who are on their way to a brighter financial future. We give you the credit so the employees know you are looking out for them.

Help Our Employees to Thrive

Your Employees Expect the Best Possible Retirement Plan. We Help Give it to Them.

Its Time to Improve Your Retirement Plan